Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tag: Seven + Six

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* SEVEN facts about me *

+ i got many girlfriends (Just Friends)

+ i love Mac

+ i like torch light n watches

+ i like blogging now

+ i wish i got a girlfriend :p

+ i like KLCC & moon

+ i am Shafie...haha

* SIX unspectacular quirks about me *

+ everytime i wake up in the morning, i remember someone.

+ i don even know the meaning of 'quirks' act...hik3

+ i always worry about a girl who don sleep.

+ i like people story their problem to me.

+ i have to plan everything.

+ sometimes, i donno what i want.

* 7 people to tag *

Kak Amy
Kak Izza
Kak Zhoe
Kak Izzah

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.::WaNiE::. said...

wonder who is that someone u never told me about

u r so close to me, but also are so far away from me like a stranger.

by the way quirks tu perangai pelik.

Shafie said...

long story...old story..

because ade certain thing u tatau lg :)
sometime people just tau the person one side je.

oh2..baru tau..tak cari pon dlu :P
so btl la jgk jwpn2 tu ek..hee

.::WaNiE::. said...

Bukan certain things

tp so many things

i dont know u

Shafie said...

cmtu get to know me more :)