Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tag: Friends

Tagged by: Wanie


1. Put this picture on the top of your post
2. Paste your bestfriend picture as well

a) Your childhood bestfriend
Fadzlan B. Zahrudin (panggil Lan)

b) How long you knew & last time you met him/her?
Since darjah 2..kt skkk3. last jumpa dia. cuti raya :)

c) Your current bestfriend
Fadzlan jgk..hehe.kwn2 lain best gak tau.

d) When you met him/her
the same person so..dari sekolah rendah.hehe

e) The best memories with your friends as above...
mcm2 ade..sleep over..camping..g perak..takbleh igt semua..

f) 5 friends you want to tag
tak rasa nk tag skg..nextime yeh.

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