Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag by Cik Epal

Tagged by: Cik Epal

Mula2 isi nama member2 korang, then jawab soalan dia.

1. Describe Zati in one word.
adik...kt blog ni.hehe

2. Describe Blogger Z in one word.

3. What is one thing Mave isn't exactly made for?
my buddy.. :D

4. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon
with you and Ija! How will it go?
bestnye.. ;pp

5. Does Liyana Jasmay make you hot?
tny la dia..lols

6. Do you miss Thia?
mesti..nk jln2 lg..kah4

7. Ever slept in the same room with Fadzlan?
penah..borak2 kt umh dia..

8. Is Yatty your best friend?
i wish..haha

9. Do you think Cumel is a virgin? sy harus tau..

10. What musical instrument would Caca most likely play?
gitar la kot..kn3

*ntah pape tag ni..haha

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