Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tag by Sarah

Tagged by Sarah

Last phone call
- last week..kakak wanie tny..ade mintak jd RA ke?

Last text msg
- beberapa jam td..from hotlink..ahaha

Last time cried
- ade ke cry2 ni..huhu..

Date someone twice
- date blogger kot..beraya..wahaha

Kiss someone and regretted it
- kiss sapa lak..

Lost someone special
- total lost ke pe..

Fallen out of love
- erm ade ke..ek..lalala~

Laughed until you cried
- klaka sgt kot :p

Met someone who change your life
- erm..xde sgt..haha

Found out someone was talking about you
- tatau la..minat i ke.. :pp

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life?
- top blogger? hmm..aja..zuhana..lain lum jumpa lg..
rs cm diorg real

How many kids do you want to have?
- t pk r dgn isteri... :D

Do you have any pets?
- xde

Do you want to change your name?
- nope..

What time did you wake up today?
- subuh.

What were you doing at midnight last night?
- ym kot..huhu

Name something you cannot wait for?
- erm..kawen.? bleh gitu..haha.gurau

Last time you see your father?
- few week ago..

What’s one thing you wish could change?
- erm..cinta..chewah..

Have you ever talk to a person named Tom?
- tom n jerry ? haha..person..xde.

What getting on your nerves right now?
- jumpa blogger..terutama blogger z..

Elementary/primary school
- Both (tiru sarah..haha)

Middle/secondary school
- Both.. :P

Hair color
- effect cahaya jd lain..tgk sendiri :p

Long or short
- rambut ek..tak xnk pendek

Want kids
- of coz..yg cumel2..hehe

Want to get married
- ngee..jom kawen..

Career in mind
- rahsia haha..tetiba.. :P

Kiss a stranger
- kiss sapa..alien? ;p

Lost glasses/contacts
- xde lak..

Ran away from home
- tidak.

Broken someone’s heart
- erm...kalau ade sory2..i didn't mean it

Been arrested
- xde lg..

Cried when someone died
- kalau sedih sgt...menitis gak..huu

Is there any person you want to be with right now?
- erm... senyum je sy tgk :D

Do you believe in God?
- Ya ALLAH..Tuhan yg Maha Esa..

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